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Dunlop Taikoo Aircraft Tyres

Dunlop Taikoo Aircraft Tyres Company (Jinjiang) Limited is Dunlop Aircraft Tyres retread facility for the Asia Pacific region. With a range of retread tyres supporting popular modern aircraft and approvals from local airworthiness authorities and operators, the company actively supports a growing fleet of regional, narrow and wide bodied aircraft across the region.


Dunlop Taikoo Location Map

Dunlop Taikoo Aircraft Tyres is located in Jinjiang, Fujian in South Eastern China. The blue star on the map shows the exact location of the company. Jinjiang has a local airport and sea-port.

The nearest international airport is at Xiamen which is roughly 90Km from Jinjiang. The Dunlop Taikoo site is located in an export processing zone.

The Jinjiang and Xiamen ports give Dunlop Taikoo excellent transport links with its immediate operating region which includes:

  • Mainland China
  • South Korea (Sea Freight (Pusan/Incheon): around 5 days)
  • Japan (Sea Freight (Tokyo/Nagoya/Yokahama): around 5-7 days)
  • Malaysia (Sea Freight (KeLang): around 8-12 days)
  • Philippines (Sea Freight (Manila): around 5-15 days
  • Indonesia (Sea Freight (Jakarta): around 11 - 15 days)
  • Singapore (Sea Freight: around 5-10 days)
  • Australia (Sea Freight (Sydney): around 11-18 days)
  • India (Sea Freight (Bombay): around 18-25 days)